Craft Beer – Amber Ale

I have been writing these post now some time after I brew the beers. So I almost forgot this one! Taking what I have learned and mixing everything I like.

Spot & Stripe Ale named after a tv documentary that followed two Sumatran tiger cubs named Spot and Stripe.


  • 12 l water
  • 100 g Caraplus 200 malt (whole grains, milled in mortar, in the water until 65 degrees)
  • 1 can of Cooper Amber
  • 60 min: 15g Simcoe (12.9)
  • 15 min: 20g Southern Dawn (11.4)
  • 5 min: 10g Mosaic
  • 5 min: 10g Cascade
  • 1 pkgs American Ale Blend WLP060
  • 10g Mosaic and 10g Southern Passion for dry hopping


IBU: ~48
OG: 1.060
FG: 1.016
ABV: ~5.5%

Fermented for 3 weeks with the last week dry hopping Mosaic and Southern Passion.

Stripe and Spot