Craft Beer – American Amber Ale

Finally I did my own beer at home. A recipe for 10 liters and I did an American Amber Ale (AAA) style beer. What is that you might ask? You have probably heard about IPA and different varieties of that. I do not know if this is an accepted name for the style but it describes it well. So inspired by an IPA but a bit darker in color and of course american hops and yeast. It ended up darker than I anticipated so maybe closer to a black IPA. This was my first try but the outcome was really great! It will not be the last brew…


  • 13 l water
  • 100g Caraplus 200 malt (whole grains, milled in mortar, in the water until 65 degrees)
  • 1  can Cooper Amber Malt Extract (1.5 kg)
  • 60 min: 10g Simcoe (12.9)
  • 15 min: 20g Cascade (7.9)
  • 5 min: 10g Simcoe
  • 5 min: 10g Cascade
  • 1 pkgs California Ale Yeast WLP001
  • 10g Simcoe + 10g Cascade dry hop


  • IBU: ~48
  • OG: 1.052
  • FG: 1.012
  • ABV: ~5%

I did not know how much water I would lose during the boil. I was aiming for 10 liters but it ended up at about 8 liters. However the OG was about what I wanted so in the end great result. I let it ferment for a total of about 3 weeks, added the dry hops after the first 2 weeks. Then added 5 g of sugar per liter before bottling. Had the first taste after one week on the bottle but it was better after 2 weeks. Then it didn’t take long before all was out.

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