Craft Beer – Imperial Stout

Time to go all in… So mostly I add this here because I like the picture I made for it. The beer ended up not so good. I read to little about the yeast I used. It did not like the high alcohol and did not have enough life left to carbonate the beer in the bottle. I did try another yeast later but now maybe the sugar content is to low.

With a little secret ingredient.

To much sugar left in the beer and with the sweetness of the liquorice the beer is really sweet. Without the right freshness from the carbon oxide it is not well balanced.


  • 13 l water
  • 100 g Chocolate malt (whole grains, milled in mortar, in the water until 65 degrees)
  • 2.5kg Light dry malt extract
  • 0.5kg Dark dry malt extract
  • 60 min: 22g Simcoe (12.9)
  • 20 min: 10g Mosaic (12.0)
  • 10 min: 10g Mosaic+ 10g Cascade (7.9)
  • 5 min: 10g Cascade
  • 0 min: 0.5 tablespoon of liquorice root powder
  • 1 pkgs  Safale US-05


IBU: ~80
OG: 1.098
FG: 1.022
ABV: ~9.9%

It was a fun try at least. Will probably have another go at with when starting doing whole grain brewing.

Emperor Penguin