Speed painting in Leonardo

During the holidays around Christmas I decided to try 30 minutes speed paintings each day using an application called Leonardo. Inspired by something called spitpainting I took the theme from the top post on: http://spitpainting.tumblr.com/

Leonardo is a new painting application specifically designed for concept and digital painting. It is under development and I have the privilege to evaluate and test it first. It takes the next step for painting programs designed from a user point of view. As the program do not try to support everything the UI is optimized for painting, making it easy to use and understand. It supports an infinite canvas and is super fast. I say that again, it is super fast, you will not feel any lag whatsoever. I have a hard time going back to other programs now because I do not feel the same flow as I get in Leonardo.

What I have learned about my drawing is that I need to practice more. I have taken a lot of inspiration from Feng Zhu. Another great help for me as starting out with painting have been Sycra. If I continue to paint on a regular basis I will follow his advice and tips much more than I have done previously.

Here are the results from my exercise:

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I also recorded all the time during my drawing. If you are interested in the process these are my favorites and also the ones showing some different tools in Leonardo. The videos are the captures in 12x or 8x times the real speed.

To make Leonardo better, join the beta now and help us improve the application! http://www.getleonardo.com/