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Craft Beer – Belgian Session Ale

Did a combination of all I like at the moment. Wanted to try a session style ale so used a new Belgian yeast as I have gotten more taste for that recently. Also used a new hop variety from South Africa when I saw it was now available here in Sweden. I also wanted it for a bit longer time so made twice as much as I have done before. The beer turned out about as I had hoped and is now long gone.

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Craft Beer – German Hefeweizen

And now for something completely different. A wheat beer not trying to be anything else than a good German Hefeweizen. I guess the purists would not like the choice of hops but it is what I had and it was only for bitterness anyway.

The coolest animal to match this cool beer is of course the Meerkat. From meeting it in the wild in South Africa it is one of my favorites. The name became “Meerkat! eller de VETEkatten” a play on both some Swedish saying and the wheat inside it.

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Craft Beer – Midsummer Ale

Trying to use the knowledge I have gained from previous beers I wanted to make something good for Midsummer.  Aiming for a pale ale with a lot of citrus and passion fruit flavored hops.

Spending Midsummer in Tärnsjö which is known for having a lot of Mosquito’s made it easy about which animal this beer was meant to be. The name ended up being “Tärnsjö törstsläcker”.

One interesting thing happened when I opened one of the bottles. It went crazy with the carbon dioxide and over half of the beer went out…

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Craft Beer – South Africa Pale Ale

So before I went to South Africa I was thinking about making a beer with african hops. I searched the stores in Sweden but could not find anyone that imported from Africa. That ment I had to buy it there. During the last days in Cape Town I managed to visit Beerguevara and bought a number of different hops.

I based the recipe on a pale ale and went for a bit stronger as I wanted to go all in with the hops. The result was great! I named it “Welcome To My Office” after some singing I heard in Jo’burg, you need to ask me about the details…


  • 14.5 l water
  • 100 g Caraplus 200 (whole grains, milled in mortar, in the water until 65 degrees)
  • 2 kg Muntons light malt extract
  • 60 min: 15g Southern Star (12.4)
  • 45 min: 20g Southern Dawn (11.4) + 10g Southern Passion (5-8)
  • 5 min: 10g Southern Star + 10g Southern Passion
  • 1 pkgs  California Ale Yeast WLP001
  • 10g Southern Passion + 10g Southern Dawn dry hopped


IBU: ~60
OG: 1.060
FG: 1.012
ABV: ~6.5%

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Craft Beer – American Amber Ale

Finally I did my own beer at home. A recipe for 10 liters and I did an American Amber Ale (AAA) style beer. What is that you might ask? You have probably heard about IPA and different varieties of that. I do not know if this is an accepted name for the style but it describes it well. So inspired by an IPA but a bit darker in color and of course american hops and yeast. It ended up darker than I anticipated so maybe closer to a black IPA. This was my first try but the outcome was really great! It will not be the last brew… Continue reading Craft Beer – American Amber Ale